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Privacy Statement


We are a small business and we value our customers and their personal information.  We do not share or sell on personal data to any other organisations and only use it for the essential purpose for which it was supplied.

Your details will be held securely by The Shropshire Flower Company only for as long as required for business purposes (for example, 6 years for invoices as demanded by HMRC.  These may hold information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, sender or delivery addresses).  Any sensitive information such as clients’ bank details are removed from The Shropshire Flower Company records immediately after use.

Records of orders which may hold names, dates and delivery addresses are held on file for up to 2 years for business reference purposes. After this period all order records are deleted.

Email addresses for any enquiries which do not convert into orders are deleted after 2 months.

We will always seek permission to use any images which you send to us, and you can request their removal from our website or social media at any time.

All mailing lists operated by The Shropshire Flower Company will use the Mailchimp platform and you can unsubscribe for them at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any mailing received, or by contacting us to request your removal from them.


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